A Cure for the Anemoia Blues

Get inspired by that time and place again and again.
Get inspired by that time and place again and again.

Have you ever had one of those magical vacations where everything came together perfectly? The kind of vacation where you could picture yourself living on one of the streets you traversed, where the monuments really spoke to you and the food felt like home? Perhaps packing up to leave pulled at your heartstrings, because you could imagine becoming part of the fabric of the place. 

We all know that feeling, that sudden nostalgia for something that never happened. Turns out there’s actually a name for it: Anemoia. While the feeling has a little bit of melancholy in it, it’s also an amazing sensation. And when a new place you visit inspires that feeling, it’s even better. You get this great burst of imaginative and creative power that lets you, just for a moment, reinvent your day-to-day life and transplant it into a new, exciting place. 

Legal Graffiti lets you step in and capture that moment of inspiration so that you can go back and revisit your home away from home whenever you want. Post images that you created right on the city streets that inspired you, and remember that moment and past life that never was forever. Legal Graffiti can be the portal to your parallel self to help you get inspired by that time and place again and again. Plus, by posting a part of yourself, and of your creative vision, on the streets you loved so much, you are, in a sense, becoming a part of the place. 

Weekly theme: Anemoia

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