A New Way To Tell Your Story

Legal Graffiti is a new way to share the poetry that is life.
Legal Graffiti is a new way to share the poetry that is life.

Every place has its own story. Well-known monuments, like the Statue of Liberty have more obvious stories — it was a gift from France, became an emblem of freedom for immigrants coming into the US through Ellis Island, and then it got buried in snow in The Day After Tomorrow. But the Statue of Liberty’s story isn’t limited to the historical facts everyone learns about it in school, or its fictional fate told in movies, it’s also the way the sun hits her flame in the morning, the layers upon layers of footsteps that sit momentarily at her base, the shared experience of seeing a real live symbol you’ve seen printed and replicated a thousand times.

Legal Graffiti isn’t just interested in the multitude of stories that could be told near and about Statue of Liberty. Those everyday moments and narratives that pop up in every place and space are what we’re interested in – and in the many ways those stories can be told. Whether it’s your own neighborhood or the Champs-Élysée, get inspired by the small things, the moments that strike you, the space you’re passing through and share your inspiration with the world. Legal Graffiti is a new way to tell your story.

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