A Street View Named Desire

Park Avenue sculptures by Carole A. Feuerman
Park Avenue sculptures by Carole A. Feuerman

Accurately anticipating the vibe of a place you’re about to visit can really make or break a trip. But how to understand from afar? Whether you’re looking to view well-known landmarks or want to get to know a city for the smaller details, figuring out which neighborhoods you’re drawn to or sights you want to see isn’t always that straightforward. A lot of it comes down to the way people interact with the space of the city, which is where art and culture come in.

When exploring new, faraway places with Legal Graffiti, not only do you get to explore locations through the landscapes, images and moments captured with Street View, you also get the chance to see what inspires other people about those places. (If you’re at a location on the map content will open automatically in augmented reality à la Pokémon Go.)

Maybe some other users were visiting a place for the first time and they noticed an amazing detail that spoke to them, and maybe that detail inspires you. Or maybe someone who actually lives in a city gives you a more intimate view of what the people and culture is like there before you even arrive. Either way, the Legal Graffiti app gives you a lens to view that ever elusive vibe of a new place.

Download or log into Legal Graffiti today to get your weekly dose of creativity and inspiration. Add your own take on the city or what inspires you about it whenever you want. Feel out the #vibe, and then help create it! And please spread the word. If you could give us a rating in the App Store or Google Play it would be much appreciated as well. We are just getting started!

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