Art is Worth It

Remembering you're an artist.
Remembering you're an artist.

Where would we be without art? The Sistine Chapel would be blank and boring, Campbells soup cans would have just stayed soup cans, and we’d never have tried to guess what Mona Lisa was smiling about. But much more than that, our ways of expression and representation wouldn’t be even close to as dynamic or interesting as they are today. Between providing humanity with a pretty colorful historical palette and helping entire cultures process and represent difficult, complex, or abstract thoughts and feelings, we think it’s pretty safe to say we’d be close to nowhere without art. Somehow, despite all of that, the value our society gives to art and artists seems to be getting horribly lost.

Here at Legal Graffiti, we want to change the trends of devaluing art and of cheapening the value that artists bring into the world. Our app relies on artists and art and culture lovers for the constantly evolving world we’re building. Legal Graffiti is designed to create a positive digital space that encourages and facilitates creativity first and foremost – but that’s not where it stops. We plan to actively give back to the artists who make the app, and the world, a more creative place. Some of our longer-term goals also include providing a marketplace for artists to sell their work and to directly sponsor artists ourselves. We all value art, so let’s start valuing artists as well! 

Weekly theme: Art is Worth It

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