Creator Spotlight: Nozomi Rose

light from downtown manhattan by Nozomi Rose
light from downtown manhattan by Nozomi Rose

What inspires you most when you’re creating? For visual artist Nozomi Rose, it’s color. Growing up between Kobe, Japan and Hawaii, Nozomi has been fascinated by what different colors mean and express, what colors look like reflected through painting or other artistic mediums, and even how we name and talk about them. The visual side of colors still plays a role in practice, but the language and experience that colors convey, both on an individual and socio-political level are equally as important. Color is memory. Color is history. Color is language. Color is experience. But mostly, color is a form of communication. 

Art is never created in a vacuum – it is a reflection on and of the context it was created in. When you look at a piece of art, it was, of course, created by an artist at a certain time and in a certain space. What we tend to forget is that you’re also experiencing the artwork in a specific environment, which is probably very different from the one it was created in. The artwork communicates what the artist is saying, but then speaks to you through the artwork itself. This game of creative telephone is key for Nozomi. When she creates, she pours part of her life into her work, and when it’s viewed, a new experience is formed. Context plays a bigger role than we might think, both for the artist and for the person experiencing it. 

Now Nozomi has taken her artwork into the digital world and placed it in curated locations in the Legal Graffiti app. What stories will her pieces tell within the context of the app? What does her artwork say to you? Check out Nozomi’s works in the featured section of the app and get inspired!

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