Creator Spotlight: Silvina Arismendi

Silvina Arismendi's Colourbars
Silvina Arismendi's Colourbars

This week, Silvina Arismendi brings her dynamic, whimsical Colourbars to Legal Graffiti! 

Alternating vibrant hues on modular units made of materials like wood, stretchers, and PVC lace, Silvina creates dynamic interactions between form, color and environment in her site-reactive installations and performances. 

The places in the world Silvina has been are as plentiful and bright as her Colourbars! She was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, studied art in Prague, Czech Republic, currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and has exhibited all over Europe, Latin America and the United States.

For Silvina, who is also avid about her daily color penciling practice, the fluid exchange between mediums and disciplines is integral to her creative process, which she considers an ongoing dialogue of exploration and discovery. 

How do you explore different mediums in your daily explorations? With Legal Graffiti, you can experiment with contrasting subjects and environments as far as your imagination will take you.

Weekly theme: Exploration

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