Creator Spotlight: Terra Form

Prada @ Marfa, 2023, 120mm by Terra Friedman King
Prada @ Marfa, 2023, 120mm by Terra Friedman King

Here at Legal Graffiti, we love helping people tell their stories. Capturing a moment of creativity, a specific location that inspires, or an experience that spoke to us is a great way to do that visually. This week’s featured creator, Terra Friedman King is a documentarian storyteller and anthropological artist who uses photography to tell the story of the human experience, all done through her own unique lens.

Terra was given her first camera at 19 and got hooked on the magic of film as soon as she shot and developed the first roll. After completing her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in Medical Anthropology, Terra traveled to four continents and over a dozen US states. Her trip became an in-depth study of the human experience, and Terra has found a way to capture what she learned, studied, saw, and experienced on film.

Giza, Sphinx, Bird; Cairo, Egypt; 2015; 35mm by Terra Friedman King

In Terra’s practice, she uses the medium of film to visually explore and play with topics like the male and female gaze, sexuality, the relationship between nature and humanity, filth and cleanliness, and self-perception. But Terra’s work isn’t limited to photography – she’s a book editor and writer by trade and frequently collaborates with artists and musicians. She’s also passionate about social justice and pushing societal norms. 

In her collaboration with Legal Graffiti, Terra brings her unique eye, global outlook, and storytelling expertise into the world of the app. Check out her work in the Featured section of the app!

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