Digital Flaneurs: The Professional Wanderers

What will you discover?
What will you discover?

There’s nothing quite like wandering in the streets of a city, whether they’re familiar or not, old or new. In the beginning of the 19th century, there was even a French movement dedicated to doing just that! The flaneurs wandered the city detached from society with no other purpose than to be an acute observer of contemporary life. They would walk around, spending time making observations, being brought where the city took them, and then they wrote about it. The creativity of the flaneurs came from what they saw, what they experienced, and where the city streets took them.

Maybe the movement has faded over time, but we think it’s high time to bring back the spirit of the flaneur – this time in the digital streets of Legal Graffiti. Get lost encountering art in the world, create your own new inspiring posts, and see where the winding roads within the app lead. Where will your wanderings take you?

Weekly theme: Discovery

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