Legal Graffiti Just Leveled Up!


The Legal Graffiti you know and love has been growing and evolving to help your creativity shine even brighter! Our new updates will make your in-app experience even smoother, so you can focus on being the artist you were born to be. 

In addition to fixing general bugs, our technical team has eased the navigation of the app. We’ve also spruced up the UX to feature our creators more prominently, and all users will be able to post directly to their profiles now without having posts held in a queue. Onboarding will also be a much sleeker experience for new users, so please continue to recommend Legal Graffiti to all your friends!

We’ll be hard at work continuing to make improvements, so don’t hesitate to email us with any feedback you have about the mobile or web app. We’re listening, and we’ll keep you updated about all the amazing things you can do with us.

If you want to learn more about how to use the platform, our Founder, Cara Bucciferro will be hosting a live workshop TODAY, March 8, between 6-7PM EST at the Saratoga Arts Center. Register online for the event here and tune in on Zoom!

Weekly theme: Level Up!

Tag your posts with #levelup for a chance to be featured on the main page of Legal Graffiti and our Instagram account.


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