Make Art, Not War

Make Art, Not War
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We’ve all heard the phrase “make art, not war” before, and these days it hits especially close to home. There’s a lot of violence in the world right now, especially between the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. But violence isn’t limited to what you’re reading about overseas – it can also be a part of our everyday life if we don’t find the right outlets. That’s part of why we’re so passionate about creativity! When there’s tension or conflict, either internally or externally, art is one of best non-violent ways of expressing yourself and moving past those negative feelings. 

On a personal level, when you’re experiencing conflict or facing a difficult situation, tension and negativity can get bottled up if they don’t find a release. Those toxic emotions that don’t have an outlet can lead to war within yourself, or to conflict with others. By having an artistic outlet, whether it’s music, poetry, art, writing, or anything in between, you can find a healthy resolution. Even on a global level, art is one of the most positive ways to work through difficult, complex issues, and make a statement about them. If we could get to a place as a society where alternative ways of expressing negative feelings and conflict were encouraged as a first response, we’d live in a better, more peaceful world. So we say express yourself in the best way you can, and keep on making art. It’s one of the most important things you can do!

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