Social Media, No Data Strings Attached (+ Announcement :)

No strings attached.
No strings attached.

Big announcement- we're in the process of changing the Legal Graffiti name. This is a big undertaking but we think it will be great overall in allowing people to understand what this platform is and to embody a joyful environment where people gather to experience and share culture. We’re in the process of adding a sketchbook feature (so you can choose whether or not to post on a location) and the ability to love people’s creations. More updates coming soon! 

In the meantime- who else is getting weirded out by all of the spaces online where your data is being meticulously tracked, sold, and regurgitated back at you in the form of suggested content? At Legal Graffiti, we don’t think Big Brother is necessary in order to get you the content you like and want to see. In fact, Big Brother isn’t invited to the party at all. We want users to discover content organically, but actually organically – organic, like you picked it straight off of the tree in your backyard yourself kind of discovery. Your experience of the app is in your hands, because after all, content discovery is half the fun! We built a digital world for you to create in, and we want you to get out there and explore it!

Content discovery is one big part of the puzzle and we are still in the process of figuring it out to make it work as well as possible for you, but the big piece that sets us apart from other social media apps is our privacy policy. Creators and users alike should feel and actually be safe when using digital tools, and at Legal Graffiti, you are. We don’t mine or sell your data to third parties, and never will. So feel free to create, explore, and get inspired, no data strings attached!

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