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We’re bombarded by media all the time, and most of the time it’s not media we choose to see; it’s corporate messaging, advertisements, logos, slogans – you name it, it’s comin’. Whether in the physical or digital world, it’s a big part of our day to day, and we’re all pretty much oversaturated at this point. Rather than becoming exhausted and defeated, we built Legal Graffiti to offer something different. We want it to be a place where all of that paid advertising and sponsored media can be creatively deconstructed, so that we can build back up what media can and should be together!

But how? First of all, Legal Graffiti is NOT a place where advertisers are welcome to come in and sell to you. And your data is NOT going to be sold to them. But we’re realists. Any platform that gets popular will attract advertisers or promotional content to some extent, so we want to turn that practice back on its head. By posting in a new, ever-evolving digital world, artists and creators have the opportunity to juxtapose and superimpose over images of advertisements in the physical world. Rewrite the advertisements and take back the mental space it takes up. Businesses are welcome if they commission and sponsor artists. Let’s empower ourselves to reconstruct what media can do by building our digital space together. It’s time to take back media!

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