That Crazy Good Museum Feeling

The museum is everywhere.
The museum is everywhere.

Imagine you’re walking out of the MOMA after a solo day of exploring the different paintings, sculptures, and artworks in the museum. It was midday when you went inside, but as you step out, it’s strangely dark. Hours have passed, but it seemed like minutes. You turn to the left. Nobody. The right, the same. All you want to do is share this moment with someone – what you saw, what you liked, what you thought. That experience has bubbled up and filled you with energy and you want to talk about it, to prolong that invigorating feeling. Even when you’re experiencing it alone, there’s no feeling quite like it: that crazy good museum feeling.

When we thought about the vibe we want to create for creators and users at Legal Graffiti, we kept landing on that amazing feeling, but done our own way. We want people to be excited about what they see, to feel inspired by the content in the app. Because what’s better than being excited about art, or about sharing what you see and think about it? By creating a digital space that’s designed to foster creativity, but that’s also built for interacting and sharing, we think we’ll get there soon.

Weekly theme: That Crazy Good Museum Feeling

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