Culture everywhere- walking around or from your living room.

Culture everywhere- walking around or from your living room.

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has invested in our StartEngine crowd equity campaign!!! We have raised over $73,000 which is so awesome. ('re going to continue our raise until we have enough to finish building and oh it is going to happen. :)

We are leading the way in augmented reality by creating the first augmented reality social media platform approved on Apple and Android and fully approved by the SEC. Legal Graffiti provides a new gateway to the metaverse. Soon creators everywhere will be posting and viewing content all over the world.  

To those who signed up for the app a long time ago, believe me we have been busy getting it ready for you and we will be set to launch to the world in Spring 2023. Now that I have this mailing list set up I can better communicate updates, and in the future- events.

The technology of Legal Graffiti combines augmented reality with a social media platform and a creator's economy which allows artists to profit from their creations. Users can post cultural artifacts—art, photography, audio, poetry, music, videos or anything by overlaying them on the physical spaces as they encounter them. Then they can virtually view spaces as far as their imagination will take them to see what digital artifacts others have left behind. has an "Updates" button that will be home to all of these updates. This is an exciting journey that is about sharing culture and bringing people joy.

That is all for now, more updates and news to come soon!

Thank you all for your support, believe me it is truly appreciated. :)

Cara Bucciferro