Unlock Your Creativity, Unlock the World

Find new places and perspectives.
Find new places and perspectives.

Creativity can be simple. Sometimes all it takes is an idea and a blank sheet of paper – plus maybe a pen, paint, a camera, depending on which direction you’re going in. Whatever your medium, that moment of pure inspiration is a feeling unlike anything else. It’s when you want to share that moment, to put your work out into the world, that things start to get complicated. Rather than letting your creativity flow, digital tools and social media can often weigh you down and lock you in.

How many artists do you know that don’t feel obligated to post and promote on Instagram? We’re seeing more and more that the apps allegedly designed to connect people and help them discover new things do the opposite. Instead, they mine peoples’ data, take up tons of time, and ultimately stifle creativity.

Legal Graffiti is designed to do the opposite. It’s a digital place you can go to unlock your own creativity how and when you want to. Find new places and perspectives in the digital world of the app and let your mind run free! Legal Graffiti lets you get back to that fun, experimental side of creativity for creativity’s sake, and view works from other creators doing the same along the way. Be weird, be fun, be playful, and unlock the world! We're just getting started.

Weekly theme: Unlock the World

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