Bring the Inside Out- Create a New Dimension

Ice Cream Cloud- Unlock the World
Ice Cream Cloud- Unlock the World

Do you ever get sick of companies treating you like you’re just data to be mined and eyeballs to be advertised to? Are you tired of big tech invading your privacy, even listening to what you’re saying? Do you ever feel like you're mindlessly scrolling 15 times a day?

That's why we created Legal Graffiti: To share and find culture all over the world, in a new way, without all of the baggage. We’ve built a new Creator’s Economy where creators can make money. And we will always be transparent. Slow down, take it easy and chill. It’s not a race. 

We launched the original version a month ago! There will be many more versions and updates to come, with features such as a sketchbook that allows you to save your media and text easily, and new ways to sell your digital art and prints. 

I have 20 medium sized Legal Graffiti t-shirts left in pink or white and 4 pink in large. If you would like me to send you one (or if you want to say hi or share any thoughts) email

All my best, :) Cara