Wake Me Up Wherever You Go

Morning coffee and magazine spread OR a time capsule at my coffee shop.
Morning coffee and magazine spread OR a time capsule at my coffee shop.

We love a good cup o’ Joe here at Legal Graffiti, but what we might like even more than the drink itself is the feeling of having a favorite spot – that place where you can always go to snuggle up with a good book, to relax and have a little break, or to catch up with a good friend. Although some things feel so familiar every time we walk in, things are also always a little bit different. New people, new energy, a different time of year.

A few months ago, we got inspired by that incredible feeling of having a home away from home. We wanted to hold onto the different moments we spent there, and we’ve done that through making a digital time capsule of the space. Every time we go in, we take a photo of what inspires us most during that visit- for me it’s capturing a magazine spread everyday at my coffee shop. Each moment we capture gets posted on Legal Graffiti, and now we have a snapshot of that coffee shop – a collection of moments that come together and make that place what it is to us. The time capsule isn’t closed and stagnant, though. We’re going to keep on adding to the impression of our home away from home and watch how it changes over time. 

Which spaces inspire you? Start making your own digital time capsule on Legal Graffiti and revisit past moments that make that spot so special!

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