Weekly theme: #capturethemoment

Capture the Moment
Capture the Moment

Rather than scrolling through a series of potential images to post, Legal Graffiti gives you the opportunity to post with purpose. Each moment captured on the app is embedded in a certain time and space – maybe it’s where you took the photo, maybe it’s a place you were reminded of when the photo was taken, or maybe it’s a place you’ve always wanted to go and now you can. That moment that you captured becomes part of a larger network, embedded onto a cityscape, archived in the landscape, so it shapes the face of the digital world you’re actively and intentionally participating in. Not only are you capturing a moment for yourself, you’re sparking the creativity of others, creating other potential moments to be captured. 

Legal Graffiti is about more than just taking a photo and seeing which one looks best. It’s about capturing a feeling, capturing a thought, and deliberately preserving those sensations in time and space. Put your singular lens on your neighborhood, on your city, on your destination, on the world.

Check into LG to get your weekly dose of creativity and inspiration. Download the app today! Or if you prefer to teleport through your laptop, simply go to the website and create an account. And please spread the word. 



Questions? Random thoughts? Email cara@legalgraffiti.app