Weekly theme: #create

What sparks your imagination?
What sparks your imagination?

No matter how you #create, creating can give a sense of empowerment, wonderment, and even gratitude. Or maybe it makes you sad, or angsty or angry. Whether it’s paint, poetry, history, photography, motion, food or using artificial intelligence, everyone creates in their own way. Life giving you lemons? Create some lemonade.

Legal Graffiti is meant to be a creative outlet whether you are a creator or a viewer! Checking in is one way to get your dose of creativity. Download the app today! Or if you prefer to teleport through your laptop, simply go to the website and create an account. And please spread the word. 

We are working on creating Version II of Legal Graffiti. Lots of good things, new features and improvements are on the way. :)

Show us how you #create. We’ll pick a profile to feature on the app and a post to feature on our Instagram.



Questions? Random thoughts? Email cara@legalgraffiti.app